Monday, Columbus Day

Oct 8, 2018

Fun, action-packed, arcade-style games and activities.  Multiplication facts are "experienced" in memorable hands-on activities that imprint the fact in their minds much more vividly and lastingly.

Master the multiplication facts in 1 visit to the arcade, instead of struggling with the times tables for months and months. It's time to put multiplication struggles behind and move on to more advanced math skills.

This event is free to members and a friend. Due to space and staffing constraints, we can only accommodate 12 students at a time. Register today to avoid disappointment

Multiplication Arcade is organized by Mathnasium Math Learning Center.

We are experts in making Math make sense, and making Math fun!


Call (617) 340-3665

9:30 am to 12:00 pm

Limited to 12 students/workshop.Reserve early to avoid disappointments.